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Hi. I am Melissa from Northline Express, and this is our WoodEze Expandable Log Rack with one extension and the full length cover. If you own a wood stove, an outdoor wood burner, or even a fire pit, you already know that you need a firewood rack. We are going to discuss today how our WoodEze firewood rack compares to some of our other competitor’s log racks. We are going to go over the main features and how the WoodEze Expandable Log Rack comes out on top every time.

The WoodEze Expandable Log Rack is easy to assemble. It assembles in just minutes and it only requires two tools. With a ratchet, a half-inch socket, and a half-inch wrench, you can put this entire log rack together.

Our WoodEze Expandable Log Rack is made in the United States, and it also comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. The cover has a one-year warranty. The log rack itself is made with one and a half inch 16 gauge super strong steel tubing and has a powder-coat finish. The powder-coat finish is going to provide durability as well as weather resistance and keep your log rack looking great for years to come.

The best feature about the WoodEze Expandable Log Rack is that it is expandable. You can customize this firewood rack to meet your firewood holding needs, whether it needs to be 16 foot or even more. You can expand your WoodEze Expandable Log Rack to hold unlimited cords of wood.

Our WoodEze Expandable Log Rack has structural supports every four feet. That means the middle of your log rack is not left unsupported. Our competitor’s rack has end supports only, nothing in the middle, and a little brace at the bottom. Here is what the big problem is; most people tend to grab from one side of your firewood rack, and that tends to be the side of the rack that is closest to the appliance you are fueling. It is easy to do that with the WoodEze Expandable Log Rack because every side is on an end so that you are not going to have wood toppling over.

If you were to grab from one end of the competitor’s firewood rack instead of grabbing evenly across your rack, you are going to have a tumbling mess on your hands with firewood just falling everywhere because there is not a middle support to keep your firewood supported. There are two more main reasons that that middle support is really important. The middle support is going to allow you to keep seasoned wood separate from your unseasoned wood so that you can let one section season while you are using up last year’s already seasoned wood. It is also a great way for you to keep track of how much wood you are using each season as well.

Most people are going to use their log rack with a cover. Let’s take a few minutes to look at the difference between our WoodEze Expandable Log Rack cover and our competitor cover.

Now, one main feature you are going to notice here is the difference in how our cover is not drooping and the competitors cover is. This is thanks to the middle support on the WoodEze Expandable Log Rack. It is not only going to do all of the things we mentioned previously, but it is also important for keeping your cover level across your wood.

Secondly, access to your firewood. This half cover over here is designed to slide down the side supports as your firewood gets lower. So every time I want to get some firewood I have to lift the cover up, try and hold the cover out of the way and pull my wood out from underneath. Accessing firewood in the WoodEze Expandable Log Rack is easy. It has this nice velcro on both sides that go the full length of the cover. I can even use it one handed. I can lift up the covers flap, rest the flap on the top, and I can stack quite a bit of wood without having to mess with my cover at all.

The third and most obvious difference between the two covers is the length. Our WoodEze Expandable Log Rack cover is a full length cover, which is extremely important when it comes to firewood. Most of us are using firewood because we are heating our homes in the winter with firewood. We need seasoned firewood that is going to be dry. With this half cover, when your firewood rack is full, the cover leaves all of your firewood that is not under the cover exposed to the elements: rain, snow, and drifting snow. You are going to have to shovel this firewood out and deal with wet wood and insufficient fires. Our WoodEze firewood rack, from top to bottom, is completely covered at all times.

I bet you are saying, “Well, wait a minute. The firewood on the competitor’s rack is actually going to be able to season better because of more airflow.” WoodEze thought of that, too. All you need to do is simply open up your firewood rack cover. There’s Velcro on both sides so you can completely open the front of your firewood rack so that this can get just as much airflow to the firewood as the firewood rack with the half cover.

Here is another competitor log rack that’s been in use for a while. This particular log rack had a full length cover but still has two things missing. One, this log rack cover is designed to slide down as your wood depletes, and it also doesn’t have that middle support. The firewood is actually kind of low on this log rack, so now our full length cover is over here wadded up on the ground getting full of debris. It is just rotting away. It is a waste of money. You are ruining your cover. There is a great, big tear here in these corners. Every single one of these corners is ripped, torn, and rotting away from the design of the log rack.

Keep it simple and make it easy on yourself. Make sure that you are investing in a firewood rack that is not going to be outgrown in a few seasons worth of use. The WoodEze Expandable Log Rack is going to continue to grow with you as well as your firewood needs. It is more functional and is not going to be a hassle. Make sure you’re keeping your firewood dry with the WoodEze Expandable Log Rack.

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