[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/DHT-Splitter-demo.pdf)Video Highlights 0:10 Introducing the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter 0:17 Motor 0:22 Horizontal/Vertical 1:03 Built in log cradle 1:54 Wedge and Foot Plate 2:38 Hydraulic Ram 3:09 Portability 4:09 Switching Positions 5:11 Professional Grade

Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express and I am here to introduce you to something that you just don’t want to live without if you split your own firewood. Whether you are using it to heat to your home or just splitting firewood for whatever reason we have the product for you! That is the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter. It has a 6.5 horsepower Kohler motor made right here in the United States.

The 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter is really an all-in-one kind of splitter. It is a vertical as well as horizontal log splitter. So when it is in the horizontal position it is great for those smaller logs that you could easily lift right into place and the vertical position is going to be helpful when you are cutting those logs that are just too heavy to lift. The vertical position is going to allow you to set those logs in place rather than trying to hurt your back lifting them into place. That is the number one thing about this splitter that is going to make it really convenient, but there are a ton of other features that make this the log splitter that you don’t want to pass up.

One of the first important features I’m going to introduce you today with the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter is the built-in log cradle. Now this is only going to be valuable for you when you are using the splitter in the horizontal position. This is a nice feature that you actually don’t find on a lot of splitters out there on the market. What is so great about it is that when you have those bigger logs on here and you split them into two pieces, that first piece is going to land on this cradle and stay right there. The other piece you can set aside and then easily grab the piece off the cradle and set it right into place. You didn’t have to lift anything from the ground so it helps save your back. It just keeps your logs easily located and prevents that bending over every few seconds to pick up another piece of wood.

Now let’s talk about the part of the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter that is actually doing all the work and that is going to be your wedge and your foot plate. The 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter has an 8” wedge as well as an 8” foot plate. That 8” foot plate is actually very nice because it gives you a large area for your logs when it is in the vertical position. It also creates stability in the horizontal position so the logs are held in place while your wedge is splitting the wood.

27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter also includes a great designed wedge. It has a very narrow designed tip and then it increases about an 1.5” and stays that thickness before it expands out. This is going to help it be a lot more powerful and penetrate further into that log before it tries to split it, making it that much faster.

When it comes to the hydraulic ram on 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter, it has a 4.5” diameter ram and has a 24” stroke (which means this particular splitter is going to accept logs up to 24 inches). The 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter accepting a 24” log is nice because not everyone has a small wood stove or requires small firewood. When it comes to cycle time, the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter has a 14-second cycle time. So you are not going to spend all day sitting there waiting for that ram to return into the starting position. It is giving you just enough time to get that next piece of firewood ready and it is ready to go as well.

When it comes to transportation the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter is just as convenient. It has a hitch on the front of it that will accept a 2” ball. It also has the required safety chains on it so you can hook it up to your truck and pull it down the road. The 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter does have D.O.T. approved tires on it as well. So you can pull it safely at slow speeds around whether you are just pulling it around the job or towing it to the next place where you are going to use your splitter.

They have really thought of everything with the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter. It even has this nice container bolted right to the frame of the splitter. It has your owner’s manual right inside. So if you are out on the job and you notice that something is not right you will have your owner’s manual handy or you could use it as a convenient place to keep some handy tools, maybe a little bit of a first aid kit, anything you can think of. It seals nicely and it is waterproof.

There are a couple nice features about the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter that make this vertical part of the splitter safe and easy. I have used some splitters myself that when I go to put them in that vertical position I feel like I’m going to fly right over the thing because it just rips you up there. The 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter is balanced very well. So when you lift it into that vertical position you can tell that you are controlling the motion, it is not controlling you. It lifts up very slowly and lets you control how fast it is going to lift up.

The 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter has liberal space between the frame and the handle that you use when switching positions. Makes it nice when it comes to putting it down because it helps prevent you from smashing your fingers when you return it to the horizontal position. It is so simple to change positions, use the easy quick release knob, one pull and then you just lift it right up into position.

You can really see the quality of the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter. There is a reason they put professional grade on them. Check out these hydraulic hoses. Not only are they durable and tough hydraulic hoses, but they also have this nice spring material on the outside of them which is going to help prevent them from rubbing and wearing through during transportation. You get that rubbing just from vibration pulling it down the road. Another nice thing about the casing is it will help to prevent kinking which can put a stop to your splitting right there.

The 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter also has a hydraulic oil filter which isn’t a common feature on many splitters. The filter is going to help increase the longevity of your hydraulic fluid. It also has a clear hose that lets you see the actual hydraulic fluid that is in your unit. That will help you to make sure you are not having any bubbles in the fluid which can be a sign that you have operating issues. It is also going to help you see and maintain the quality of the hydraulic fluids. When you start to see that nice honey amber color turning into a darker sludgy color you know it is time to change your fluid.

With the 27-ton Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter, they have made this product of high quality, easy to maintain and use as well. This particular product is another great product from Northline Express, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee. And don’t forget, we’re also your one-stop shop for all your wood splitting needs.

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