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Have you ever split wood by hand? If you have not let, me tell you it does not take long before you are ready for a break and it can be quite discouraging to look down at your accomplishments and realize you really did not get that far. I am a wood burner myself and I learned this the hard way last winter when I was left with the chore of splitting wood when my husband injured his hand.

I am Melissa from and after realizing that an ax was not the best option for me or really even the most efficient method for someone who heats with wood I went searching for a log splitter. I realize that just like I did most of you are probably wondering what size log splitter you really need.

The size of a log splitter is determined by its tonnage. What is tonnage? Tonnage is the amount of force that the ram of a log splitter will exert as it splits a log. So to put it simply, the higher the tonnage the harder the ram will push on the log and the easier it will push through bigger logs. Lower tonnage would equal less force.

The tonnage of the splitter that you need depends on the type and size of firewood that you need or want to split. Also consider if you are going to be splitting green or seasoned firewood. Green firewood will require more force to split than seasoned firewood, just like if you were swinging an ax. Hardwoods like oak and maple wood will also require more force to split than softer woods like pine. When making a decision make sure that you are basing your decision on the tonnage needed for the biggest or most difficult wood that you will be splitting.

As a general guide line Logs that measure 6-12” in diameter seasoned require a minimum of 4 tons. Logs 12-24’’ seasoned require a minimum of 7 tons. When you get into logs that are 24 + inches in diameter seasoned you are going to need a minimum of 20 tons. If you are splitting green firewood remember the tonnage requirements jump. Green wood about 12’’ in diameter require a minimum of 16 ton and green wood about 24’’ in diameter can require 30+ tons.

On a similar note, the log length and diameter that a log splitter will accept will determine the amount of work you can get done with it. Remember, it is better to have a wood splitter that accepts more than enough wood size than not enough. Cycle time is important also but do not let it be the most important feature; remember you have to keep up with the machine and it is not going to tire out. A splitter that has a faster cycle time will be able to split more wood in less time.

I hope you have found this information helpful but if you still have questions about which log splitter you should choose you can call our experts at 866-667-8454 and they will be happy to help you choose a splitter so you can start splitting more and working less!

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