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0:57 Creosote – #1 reason for chimney fires

Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express and I am here today to tell you about an environmentally friendly, non-toxic way that you can reduce the risk of chimney fire in your home. That is with daily use of ACS Creosote Remover. This is a simple product to use, with a low burning fire you are going to squirt a few sprays into your fire and let it do the work.

What is going to happen is there is a manganese-based liquid catalyst in the ACS Creosote Remover that is going to attack that tar like nasty creosote that is up in your chimney and it is going to reduce it to a harmless ash. The ash will then fall down into your fireplace or wood stove and be re-burnt. The ACS Creosote Remover is also going to make chimney cleaning so much easier because that tarry substance that is hard to clean off will be transformed into a ash that will be easily removed with the use of a chimney brush.

The ACS Creosote Remover is great for those of you who have an existing fireplace with a chimney that may have been used for years or even for those of you who may have a recently installed chimney and you just want to make sure that your chimney is not going to build up with creosote.

Creosote is inevitable but it is the number one reasons for chimney fires and it can also create a back draft into your home that makes your fireplace just have a nasty smoke smell. So just a few squirts a day is not only going to aid in keeping those chimney fire away but it is also going to make chimney maintenance that much easier.

So do not miss out, get your ACS Creosote Remover and maintain your chimney the easy way. This is another great product offered by Northline Express the home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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