Video Highlights:
0:02 Looking for a way to cost heating costs?
0:09 Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator
0:11 Simple to install
0:19 The Way It Works
0:34 Includes a Blower
0:41 Blower Capabilities
0:51 Use with or without fireplace doors
0:59 Size requirements
1:08 Fireplace efficiency

Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express and if you are looking for a great way to cut your home heating costs and make your fireplace more efficient then a Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator is a great alternative.

The Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator is simple to install. It only takes about 20-30 minutes and that includes removing it from its packaging. Once you install the unit it is immediately going to start cutting your home heating costs. The way it works is actually really quite simple. The Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator is going to draw that cool air from your home, circulate it into the plenum where it is going to heat that air, and then it is going to push the warm air back into your room creating that warm cozy environment we are all looking for all while cutting your homes heating cost.

What the Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator also includes if a blower, it is a powerful yet quiet blower. The blower is capable of pushing a 180 Cubic Feet per minute of hot air out into your home, making your fireplace that much more of a heat source.

The Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator can be installed with or without glass fireplace doors or hanging mesh screen. This fireplace radiator will not affect the appearance of your fireplace. The Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator does require that the rear width of your firebox be a minimum of 18 ½ inches and a minimum depth of 16 ½ inches to ensure a proper fit.

All fireplaces are great heat conductors but the fact is most of that heat is actually going up and out your chimney and never making it into your home. That is why the Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator is designed to coral that heat and force it back out into your home so your are making your fireplace a more efficient heat source. You will be able to turn your thermostats down, maybe even off and cut your heating costs drastically.

So what are you waiting for order your Cast Iron Fireplace Radiator today from, home of the “buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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