Video Highlights:
0:05 Great way to transform your fireplace
0:15 EPA Certified
0:21 The Firebox
0:34 Heat Output
0:43 Blower
0:55 Viewing window
1:14 Surround
1:27 Adjustable Damper
1:35 Door Handle
1:40 30 Day Trial Period

Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express and this is Vogelzang’s Colonial Fireplace Insert. It is a great way for those of you with masonry fireplaces to create a more efficient fireplace by pushing out more warm air into your living space rather than letting it escape up your chimney.

The Colonial Fireplace Insert is EPA certified and air tight. This insert will be an efficient appliance for you. This insert offers many great features.

The Firebox: The Colonial has a generous size firebox that will accept up to an 18” long log. The firebox is fully brick lined which allows for high burn temperatures and years of great service. The Colonial produces heat up to 69,000 BTU per hour and is also capable of heating up to 1800 square feet of living space.

The Blower: It features a 125 CFM adjustable speed blower with an automatic on/off setting. This blower is going to push the air around the firebox and out into your room creating a more comfortable living space. Perfect for heating your Great Room or open living area.

The Door: The door on the Colonial has a large 16 ½” wide x 9” high viewing window. The viewing window is going to give you a great view of your fire but it is also going to stay clean with the air wash technology. This technology is going to keep the combustion air in between the fireplace door glass and the flame preventing soot from building up on your window and saving you hours of clean up. The Colonial Door also features a cool touch wooden handle to easily access your fire.

The Surround: The Colonial Fireplace Insert is going to come with a surround that will fit most common size fireplace openings. There is a larger surround available for purchase if the included surround is too small to cover your opening.

The Damper: There is an adjustable damper that has a cool touch spring handle to easily allow you to control the air flow and your fires burn rate.
If all of the great features is not enough for you, the Colonial Fireplace Insert also comes with our 30 day Trial Period. We want you to get this fireplace insert, install it into your home, try it out for 30 days, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with this insert just send it back to us! We will even cover the freight shipping cost.

So make sure that you are warming your home in style this year with a brand new Colonial Fireplace Insert by Vogelzang.

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