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0:08 If your do not anchor your canopy
0:22 Two common anchor types
0:34 Melissa’s experience with an unachored canopy
1:03 Auger Style Anchors
2:16 Easy Hook Earth Anchors
3:08 For better protection from the winds

After you install a canopy, portable garage, or storage shed it MUST BE securely anchored to the ground to prevent damage from winds. If left not anchored your canopy will act like a kite in the wind, being lifted by the wind and will flying away. Severe winds can also cause the frame to twist and unanchored legs to fall, thereby collapsing the canopy. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to introduce you to two of the most common canopy anchor types, auger styles and easy hook anchors.

I can also tell you first hand that when you are warned that unsecured canopies can turn into a kite they are not pulling your leg. Last summer I put up my beautiful gazebo canopy without anchoring it like I normally do. I was not very happy when I woke to shattering windows because the wind picked up and the canopies legs were slammed literally into my house. After replacing a window and a storm door I kick myself because it would have been way cheaper and easier to anchor my canopy! My canopy frame was also bent beyond repair and ended up being replaced as well.

There are two different anchor styles that I want to talk to you about today and I will start with the auger style anchors. This is the shelter logic ShelterAuger Earth Anchor kit. It includes 4 30’’ earth auger anchors and quick clamp-on wire tie-downs. The manufacturer recommends (1) one Shelter Auger per leg. So make sure that you are choosing the kit that has the right amount of anchors for your canopy.

This style anchor is going to securely anchor your shelter to grass or unpacked soil. The Shelter Auger Earth Anchors have an innovative corkscrew design which digs in fast and holds on tight. They are also portable and reusable. Each anchor features heavy-duty, powder-coated steel construction so they will not rust, corrode, chip or peel. Like I mentioned this set is a set of 4 but we offer auger style anchor kits for canopies with up to 10 legs. This style of anchor is very similar to stakes, but they generally provide a stronger hold because you have to twist them to get them into the ground. They are a good choice if you’re going to be using your tent in areas prone to high winds, but they are still not suitable for use at the beach because they will not hold well in the sand.

The next style anchor kit that I would like to talk to you about is the easy hook earth anchors. These work similarly as the auger style anchors. But rather than being twisted into the ground they you use the provided steel rod and pound anchor into the ground. Once the anchor is deep enough into the ground (there will be about 8 inches of cable exposed above ground) you pull up on the anchor to set it in the ground. These style anchors provide the same strong hold but are a more permanent solution. They can be removing but unlike the auger style anchors that you just twist out these would have to be dug up once they are set into the ground.

Each canopy is going to have a different way to anchor them properly so make sure that you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations when anchoring your canopy. Another thing that I would like to note is that even though the canopy anchor kit may include rope to secure your canopy, you may choose to use a heavier cable, such as 3/16” aircraft cable of fence wire for better protection from severe winds. Either way you choose to anchor your canopy I can assure you it will be better than no type of anchoring at all. Do not end up like me with damage to your canopy and home just because you did not anchor your canopy. If you have questions about anchoring your canopy give our experts a call at 866-667-8454. Both the shelter logic ShelterAuger Earth Anchor kit and the easy hook earth anchors are great product from NorthlineExpress, home of the buy and try satisfaction guarantee.

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