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0:12 Day 4 Promotion Details
0:19 What the log is made of
0:31 How it works
0:43 Benefits of use

It is day 4 of National Fire Safety Week and here at NorthlineExpress we are offering a special promotion
each day all week long. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to give you the details of our day 4
promotion. On October 8th, when you purchase 5 flue renew creosote remover logs we are going to
throw in a 6th absolutely free.

Flue-Renew fire logs contain Rutland SAFE-T-FLUE, a proprietary chimney cleaner that modifies soot and
creosote in the chimney. Normally these deposits are flammable sticky, tar-like substances; however,
Flue-Renew fire logs used once a month in the fire, changes the creosote into a dry, loose, non-adhering
deposit which flakes away and is more easily brushed off.

By adding one 3lb Flue-Renew Creosote Remover Log to your fire once a month, you substantially
decrease the amount of flammable, sticky, tar-like creosote in your chimney flue making your regularly
scheduled cleanings faster, easier and far more thorough.

Don’t miss out on this great promotion. This promotion will only last one day, so head over to to get 6 flue renew logs for the price of 5. This is another great promotion offered by, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee.

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