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0:12 Day 3 Promotion Details
0:18 Kwik Shot Soot Stoppers
0:22 What appliances they work in
0:28 How to use

It is day 3 of National Fire Safety Week and here at NorthlineExpress we are offering a special promotion each day all week long. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress here to give you the details of our day 3 promotion. On October 7th if you buy two Kwik Shot Soot Stoppers we are going to throw in a third for free.

These toss in creosote removers are easy to use, and control soot build-up in everything from free-burning fireplaces and non-airtight stoves to oil furnaces and boilers. Just toss in the fire and it cleans out existing soot and prevents further deposits from forming and reducing the efficiency and safety of your fire and chimney. Do not miss out on this great promotion! The Day 3 Promotion will only last one day, so head over to to get three Kwik Shot Soot Stoppers for the price of two.

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