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0:05 Unintended Chimney Fires
0:13 Day 2 Promotion
0:22 Chimfex Fire Suppressant
0:37 Average time to suppress a fire
0:51 How to Use
1:00 Recommended to keep a few on hand
1:13 Appliances that Chimfex may be used in
1:17 Shelf Life

Everyone loves firefighters, but do you want one in your living room this winter? There are an average of 24,000 unintended chimney fires each year, many resulting from a lack of proper maintenance & cleaning. I am Melissa from NorthlineExpress, here with a special promotion for day 2 of national fire safety week 2014. Days 2 promotion is 10% off of Chimfex Fire Suppressant. This fire suppressant is an indispensable product as the first line of defense for controlling fires that occur from creosote build-up in chimneys. Here at NorthlineExpress we strongly recommend that anyone who uses any type of wood burning appliance in their home keeps at least one Chimfex on hand. Independent test results show it suppresses a chimney fire in an average of 22 SECONDS! A homeowner or professional fire fighter can use Chimfex as a safe, fast, and easy-to-use tool to combat a chimney fire with no water damage.

Similar to a flare, you strike the end to light it, toss it in the wood stove or down the chimney and it extinguishes the fire by using up the oxygen. They are only good for one use. It is recommended to keep 2-3 on hand since many times chimney fires can re-ignite. Use in wood stoves, fireplaces, or fireplace inserts. If stored in a cool, dry place, the Chimfex has a shelf life of up to 36 months.

So protect your home with Chimfex, the original chimney fire extinguisher that can extinguish a fire in just seconds! Safe, fast and easy to use, it is the proven product that has been used by firefighters, other safety personnel, professional chimney sweeps, and chimney cleaners for more than 40 years. Hurry on over to to get your 10% saving on chimfex, This offer only lasts one day so don’t miss out on this promotion.

Keep checking back each day through October 11th to see what great promotion is being offered for each day of National Fire Safety Week!

Get your Chimfex now.