Are you thinking about bringing your backyard or patio up to date with some new patio furniture? There is no shortage of attractive high quality outdoor furniture to choose from leading you to wonder, “Which kind of patio furniture should I choose?” When choosing outdoor furniture, that is going to be worth the investment of your hard earned money, the patio furniture materials should be considered.

Outdoor furniture is made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials. Some patio furniture materials are more durable than others, some may be more resistant to wind or rain, while others may last longer exposed to harsher elements such as extreme heat or salt water. The area where you live will play a heavy factor in which type of patio furniture material will be the best fit for your patio. One type of patio furniture material may be a perfect fit for a person who lives in Florida with exposure to high temperatures and salt water but not for someone who lives in Arizona with also high temperatures but a dry heat. Let’s take a closer look at the types of patio furniture material.



Plastic patio furniture tends to be the most inexpensive option. It is very light weight, easily transported, and some pieces are able to stack on one another. Plastic is easily cleaned with soapy water and a scrub brush. However, plastic patio furniture is not very durable and usually does not have the most attractive pieces. Plastic furniture should be stored in a shed or garage to prevent pitting and fading. Storing it inside will increase the life of the furniture but eventually you will need to replace them due to the pieces cracking or breaking over time.

Poly Lumber


Poly lumber furniture is the most eco-friendly patio furniture on the market. It is made 100% of recycled plastics. Poly lumber furniture is made from high-density polyethylene that is derived from recycled milk jugs and water bottles. The poly lumber patio furniture material will not absorb moisture making it resistant to rot, splintering, and mildew. You will also never have to waterproof, paint, or stain outdoor poly lumber furniture. The only real maintenance is simple cleaning with water.

Natural Wood


Patio furniture is available in a variety of wood types for a more natural or outdoorsy feel. Popular furniture wood types include teak, pine, cedar, eucalyptus, and redwood. Hardwoods are more durable and long-lasting making them enjoyable for many, many years. Treating these woods with special oils or sealants will add to the life of the patio furniture.

Softwoods are not as durable as hard woods but do last for many years. Pressure treated pine is treated to resist rot and water. However, untreated pine has a low resistance and is recommended to painted or sealed and stored indoors during the winter season. Cedar patio furniture contains natural oils and is naturally resistant to damage caused by insects, decay and water. Cedar has long been valued for its sturdiness, durability, and the fact that it is not prone to warping of sagging. Cedar furniture can be painted or stained, but when left in its nature state cedar furniture will age gracefully into a lovely silvery grey shade.



Wicker Patio Furniture has a classic lightweight design that blends easily into most any setting. While the most common color for real wicker furniture is white you can actually find this iconic design in a variety of updated colors including black, cream, tan, and browns. Wicker furniture is made from rattan, bamboo, or reed. While these natural materials make the furniture environmentally friendly they may deteriorate quickly when exposed to rain or direct sunlight if not protected with a waterproof coating.

All-Weather Wicker


Natural Wicker furniture can be costly, but the use of synthetic materials has helped to lower the cost. [All-weather wicker furniture]("All-weather wicker furniture") is made with synthetic resin which is not subject to the impact of the outdoor elements. While resin wicker maintains the visual appeal of traditional wicker furniture, it is much more elastic and requires much less maintenance. Resin wicker furniture is available in a variety of colors without having to be painted. The color is actually added during the production process making it resistant to humidity, water, and the suns UV rays. Resin wicker is commonly paired with an aluminum frame to create lightweight outdoor furniture. Weather resistant wicker is easily cleaned by spraying it off with a hose.

Wrought Iron


Wrought Iron fits in very well in a formal and is simply timeless. It is strong and durable. You can find wrought iron patio furniture in a variety of style to fit any outdoor space. It is very heavy so it will not blow away on a blustery day making it ideal for windy climates. Most wrought iron furniture is powder-coated to resist moisture, chipping, and rust. One disadvantage is that iron tends to heat up when left in direct sunlight and be very cold on cooler days. Adding a seat cushion can help to eliminate this problem.

Cast Aluminum


Cast Aluminum patio furniture is heavier than tubular aluminum furniture; however remains lightweight enough to easily move around. Cast aluminum is also solid throughout so this increases the durability and stability. This material will not rust it is recommended for use in any climate, even coastal cities or areas with high humidity. Maintenance is minimal, other than the occasional cleaning there really isn’t any other up keep required.

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