Everyone has home remedies or beliefs when it comes to managing mosquitoes or how to keep them from biting. But not all of them actually really work or are a 100% accurate, they are just a myth.

Here are some of the most common myths about mosquitoes and how to control them.

Myth: Bats or Purple Martins Control Mosquito Numbers

While both bats and Purple Martin’s diets do include mosquitoes this myth has been taken out of context and exaggerated a bit. Mosquitoes are not a large staple in either diet. Both bats and Purple Martins are indiscriminate feeders and do not concentrate on mosquitoes directly. They eat all sorts of insects that fly by. Mosquitoes only make up less than 3 percent of a Purple Martin’s diet and about 1 percent in a bat’s diet.

Myth: Dryer Sheets Make Good Mosquito Repellents

There are many household items that are claimed to have mosquito repellent capabilities. Dryer Sheets are one of them. It has been said that if you place dryer sheets in your pockets or in your shoes while outdoors it will deter mosquitoes. These claims have never been proven. If you are going to try this remedy it is recommended that you do it with caution. Dryer Sheets are not meant for this use and could potentially attract mosquitoes to you with their fragrance.

Myth: Mosquitoes only feed on “Tasty” Humans

This myth is only partly true. There is really not one blood meal source that is tastier than another. However there are traits that make one more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Excessive body heat and CO2 output are what will attract mosquitoes the most. If you are a person who enjoys exercising outdoors then you could be the perfect target for a mosquito to feed on. Mosquitoes will even target people who are long winded and like to talk a lot because they put out large amounts of carbon dioxide when they speak.

Myth: Mosquito Explosion

One cool myth that children talk about is making mosquitoes explode. It is said that they do this by allowing them to bite and then pinch the skin or flexing the muscle under the skin that it has penetrated. The myth says that by doing this it causes the mosquito to get stuck in place preventing them from being able to stop sucking the blood up which makes them overfill and then explode. This myth is completely false, mosquitoes like other animals control how much they eat or in this case suck up. Not to mention, the movement of flexing a muscle or pinching the skin will trigger the mosquito to fly away.

Myth: Anti-Mosquito Diet

Many people say that if you eat foods that are garlicy or eat bananas that you will drive the blood suckers away. They also say it is possible to do this by taking a daily B Complex vitamin. When it comes to repelling mosquitoes these foods and vitamins will not make a change. There really are no food types that you could eat to repel mosquitoes.

Myth: Mosquitoes are Nocturnal

There is a common misconception that mosquitoes only come out and bite at night. The time of day that a mosquito comes out to bite all depends on the type of species they are. There are a few species that come out during daylight hours to bite but the majority do come out during the evening and night time hours. Even during the daylight hours mosquitoes will hang out and hide in dark, damp, cool areas waiting for a target to become present.

Now that we have gone through the most common myths and brought the truth to the surface you should know that the best way to prevent and control mosquitoes is to take the steps for prevention and control. Learn more about our Steps for Mosquito Control and start protecting yourself and your family now!

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