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Why Chimney Maintenance Is Important During The Burning Season

Video Highlights: 0:06 Reason for chimney maintenance during the burning season 0:16 Two ways to prevent creosote build up 0:53 To prevent chimney fires 1:03 Tips for preventing creosote build up 2:23 Knowing how your stove operates and burns 3:03 Products to aid in »

DIY Fireplace Makeover Part 1 - Cleaning and Inspecting the Chimney

Video Highlights: 0:16 Cleaning and Inspecting the Chimney 0:24 Results of the Professional Inspection 0:40 Importance of a Chimney Cap 0:50 Damper rusted shut 1:04 Exterior Inspection 1:23 Options for fixing the cracked chimney crown 1:41 Selecting the chimney cap 2:06 Sweeping »