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Cooking on a Wood Stove When the Power Goes Out

What are you to do when the power goes out during a winter storm and you have a family to keep fed? Well if you have a wood stove you are in luck. Wood stoves will not only keep you warm during a power outage but they will also give »

Corn on the Cob Cooked on the Grill - Yummy!

Cooking on the grill is a summertime tradition that occurs in most households. What is a meal on the grill without some corn on the cob? Corn on the cob goes hand in hand with cooking on the grill. The traditional buttery corn is amazing and comforting but if you »

Zucchini and Feta Peppers Prepared on the Grill

Download the PDF Are you looking for a great side dish to go along with your chicken or pork chops? If you like fresh veggies on the grill we have a simple yet delicious recipe for you. Fresh vegetables are always a tasty addition to any dinner and what’s »

Designing the Outdoor Kitchen of your Dreams

Download the PDF Outdoor Kitchens are becoming a hot new trend that homeowners look for when purchasing or when they are considering upgrades to their current homes. Transforming your deck or patio into an outdoor kitchen will give you all of the conveniences of indoors without the hassle of leaving »

Tips for Cooking Salmon on the Grill from Start to Finish

Download the PDF During the warmer months most people will cook on their grills as an alternative to heating up their homes by cooking indoors. However cooking the same ol’ recipes on the grill will become boring and many will be on the search for more that they are able »

Date Night Cooking Recipes for the Grill

Everyone needs a little grown up time once in a while, whether it is a weekly date night with your partner, or an evening with friends. Create a recipe on the grill that is perfect for a dinner date or outdoor dinner party. Cooking on the grill is for so »

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Inside and Outside of the Home

It is time to celebrate the special ladies that have helped raise us all! Whether it be a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, or other special woman; they are all special to us in their own way and there is one day set aside especially for them, Mother’s Day! Letting »