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Learn How to Rid your Property of the Nuisance of No See Ums

Now that the weather is getting nicer people are spending more and more time outdoors. However, the warm weather also brings along pesky insects that will drive you crazy while trying to enjoy the outdoors. Other than Mosquitoes there is one insect type that most people are very familiar with »

The AllClear Table Top Repeller Stops Mosquitoes from Crashing your Party

The AllClear Table Top Repeller will Stop Mosquitoes from Crashing your Party Are Mosquitoes crashing your party? I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress and I am here to tell you to forget mosquito repellent sprays and lotions and repel mosquitoes naturally with the AllClear Table Top Repeller. Video Highlights: 0:12 »

Maintaining your Mosquito Trap with a Handheld Insect Zapper

I’m Melissa from NorthlineExpress and a common complaint we receive from people who buy a mosquito trap is that when changing the propane or bait they get eaten alive. Clearly the machines are working but they get swarmed by mosquitoes when tending to their machines. Well, we have a »

Top 10 Products for Battling the War against Flying Insects

The weather is warming up and the season for backyard barbeques and outdoor activities is upon us. Unfortunately that also means that mosquito season is upon us as well. While we are all ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful summer nights we tend to forget about mosquitoes until »