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What to Measure before Purchasing a Chimney Cap

Choosing a chimney cap can be an overwhelming task but fortunately determining what size chimney cap you need isn’t as difficult as it seems. Grab a tape measure, pencil, paper, and a ladder. You will need these items to get up on your roof to physically inspect and measure »

Measuring Your Fireplace For The Installation Of A Gas Log Set

Gas Logs have a number of advantages over a traditional wood fire. While gas log fires may not have the same amount of realism that a wood fire has they are easier to maintain, use, and do not always require a venting system. These advantages make gas logs the next »

Measure the Roof Pitch Without Getting On the Roof

Video Highlights 0:11 Tools you will need 0:18 How to measure the pitch 0:31 How to determine the rise We have previously discussed measuring your roof pitch from on top of your roof, today I am going to go over measuring your roof pitch without even having »