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5 Accessories to Have on Hand for your Mosquito Magnet Trap

Download the PDF When you purchased your Mosquito Magnet it was all about choosing the right model for your property. Now is the time to ensure that you have all of the accessories that you need for a smooth and successful mosquito season. It is never a good thing when »

11 Warning Signs That You Are a Mosquito Magnet

Do you feel that you are being targeted by mosquitoes more than others surrounding you? Some people are simply real mosquito magnets so you may not just be paranoid. Mosquitoes are drawn to many physical traits that when combined together could make you a perfect mosquito magnet. Mosquitoes use their »

Catch Results for the Awesome Mosquito Magnet Independence Model

[Download the PDF]( Highlights 0:14 Attracting Mosquitoes 0:53 How the Mosquito Magnet works 1:15 Removing the bag trap 1:34 Thousands of Mosquitoes caught 1:57 What to do with the bag once removed 2:06 Putting »