[Download the PDF](https://www.northlineexpress.com/media/pdf/blog/robs-mosquito-magnet-catch.pdf)Video Highlights 0:14 Attracting Mosquitoes 0:53 How the Mosquito Magnet works 1:15 Removing the bag trap 1:34 Thousands of Mosquitoes caught 1:57 What to do with the bag once removed 2:06 Putting a catch bag back in 2:26 Replacing the Octonol 3:07 Breaking the breeding cycle 3:21 Placement 3:40 The amount of mosquitoes caught over approx. a months time

Hi everybody I just wanted share with you some information about my new mosquito magnet and its incredible catch results. This is the MM3200 Independence Model. I am here in Michigan, we have a lot of mosquitoes this year and they are all over. I’m not sure if you can see it that well, which is why I brought a piece of white paper out here just to show you how attracted they are to this machine. They just love the machine because of the CO2 that it puts out and the heat. They are really attracted to it.

The way that the machine attracts the mosquitoes to it is with the output of CO2 and the use of the attractant. The scent and everything, along with the heat, comes out of the straight nozzle and then the vacuum above sucks them up into the catch net. It’s a great design I think. I have used a lot of different mosquito traps and I think this is one of the best in terms of its design.

I just wanted to show you this, the trap has been out here for about four or five days now. The catch net is the trap part of the trap you can see here, there is a lot of mosquitoes in it. You can see them flying around. So that they don’t get out, you pull the draw string. This is the amount of mosquitoes that have been caught in here over the last several days. It’s about half full, that’s a lot of mosquitoes. There is thousands of mosquitoes in there. Right now there are still some live ones, so all you really need to do is to pull the draw string closed tight and then just let that one set and the mosquitoes wild dehydrate and die. I have a second net to replace the full net with. You will just pop it in there, make sure it is opened good, and then attach the little hooks right here so that keeps the bag open and fully able for the mosquitoes to get in, close the top and you are good to go.

The other thing that needs to be replaced once in a while is the Octenol, which fits in a little capsule down here. It has a scent to it that attracts the mosquitoes and it mimics the human breath. Along with the heat and the CO2, that’s what makes them come to the unit, get sucked up in there, go to the bag, dehydrate and die. I give it a thumbs up, I’m really happy with it. It’s catching a lot of mosquitoes around here and there’s a lot more to go. They just keep on coming, but at some point in time you do break the breeding cycle to a large degree and we have seen a big impact in the lesser number of mosquitoes up at the deck area.

We keep it back out here in the woods, away from the living area, and that makes it so that the mosquitoes are attracted here in the shade, in the woods and that they don’t travel into the occupied living space as much. I am real happy with it, I think you would be too. Definitely a thumbs up on this one.

Alright you seen my two week catch out there in the bag, now I have been running this trap for about a months time. Well it is June 16th today, and the mosquitoes really came out a couple of weeks into May. I have been emptying all my mosquitoes into this five gallon bucket and wait until you see how many there are. I give you my word this is just from this year. Now that’s a lot of mosquitoes! That is the catch from this year so far and there has a be a million mosquitoes in there maybe.

Definitely cut back on the number of mosquitoes that is in my yard, but It’s been a wet year up here and there’s still a lot of mosquitoes out. I wouldn’t be surprised that I fill up this five gallon bucket before the year is over. It is about a third of the way full right now. I just dump them in the bucket, put a lid on top, and that’s my catch. Hope you catch as many too, you would be able to enjoy your summer a lot better. Have a good one!

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