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Hi, I am Melissa from Northline Express, here with the ThermaCell Personal Pest Control Appliance. This ThermaCell appliance will create a 15’ x 15’ area that is mosquito and fly free, the size of an average deck, patio or campsite. Without using greasy, sticky, or oily sprays and lotions this unit offers a silent, no flame option for establishing a protective barrier from flying insect pests.

The mat contains the active ingredient, Allethrin, a synthetic copy of what naturally occurs in chrysanthemum flowers. It works well in outdoor areas where there is minimal air movement. For the best coverage it is best to use it in still air and to place the unit as close to the ground as possible. This will allow the repellent to spread over the maximum area.

The appliance is powered by a single butane cartridge. The butane provides the cordless portable heat that activates the device. The heat generated by the cartridge is directed to the metal grill that is on top of the unit where the saturated repellent mat is placed. The heat vaporizes the repellent allowing it to rise into the air and do its job.

As I mentioned earlier the repellent is Allethrin, a copy of the repellent that naturally occurs in chrysanthemum flowers. It effectively repels mosquitoes, black flies, no see-ums and midges. It is a natural repellent that is not going to harm humans or pets in anyway.

This ThermaCell device is very easy to use. Simply insert the butane cartridge into the bottom of the unit and slide the repellent mat into place. Turn the dial clock wise into the on position and push the start button to turn the device on and start repelling. The heating element will warm up and vaporize the repellent providing great coverage within minutes.

The ThermaCell Mosquito appliance is another great product from NorthlineExpress.com, home of the “Buy and Try” satisfaction guarantee. We are also your one stop shop for all your mosquito control solutions.

Get your ThermaCell today so you can start keeping the mosquitoes away!